Andrea Gaetani

- 34 Kg in 75 days *
I lost 34 kg in only 75 days!!!!

Hello, I am Andrea and I am 39 years old. One day while talking with Stefania, one of the BIOIMIS consultant, she invited me to a Bioimis meeting to learn more about the program. After the meeting I realized that I had been eating poorly given my weight of 150 kg. So I decided to join the program.

I cannot deny that the first few days it was hard for me, but the scale was my friend, and seeing daily that my weight was decreasing quite a lot kept me motivated and I felt extremely happy. After only 30 days I had lost 18 kg and after 75 days 34 kg. What was more important is that the doctor took me off the blood pressure pill that I was taking for years, and at night I do not snore any longer.

I do advice to all people dealing with overweight to embrace the BIOIMIS program with no doubts.

Andrea Gaetani

*The success stories presented refer to the persons represented. Length of time and amount of weight loss may vary from person to person based on one's initial weight, individual metabolism, lifestyle, and proper nutrition. The average weight loss of our customers following the Bioimis method can vary from 8 to 22 lbs a month.

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