Gabriele Orru

- 104 Kg
Thanks to Bioimis I can easily say that I feel like the happiest person alive

Success Story after 6 months of being in the program

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were close to me in my journey. Today, after four months from the end of my program, I am the happiest person alive! People used to tell me that after the program I would have gained back all the pounds lost, however after six months of being finished with the program my weight has not changed. I lost 80 kg with the program, and today I am still at minus 80!

Right after Christmas I will start again the Ideal Fit Plan to finalize my dream, that one of reaching my ideal weight that i once had. Thanks everyone for the interest shown, I will keep you posted with my journey's results. I believe there is no advice to give since the results I have achieved so far speak for itself.

Thanks again Bioimis!!

Gabriele gives his updates after 3 years after the end of his Program.

Hello, here I am again, even if skinnier. I wanted to send my pictures for whoever is skeptical about the effectiveness of the Bioimis Program. These pictures are the proof that with a strong will and an efficient program as Bioimis you can obtain exceptional results. After a few years from the beginning of my journey, not only I have not gained back the pounds lost, as it was implied by some, but I have continued to lose weight, for a total loss of 104 kilograms. Now, since I have reached my target, I can say to be satisfied and proud of the effort put in this great program, which I recommend to every one. Thanks again Bioimis!!

Gabrielle Orru -104 kg F

Gabrielle Orru -104 kg P

Gabriele Orru

*The success stories presented refer to the persons represented. Length of time and amount of weight loss may vary from person to person based on one's initial weight, individual metabolism, lifestyle, and proper nutrition. The average weight loss of our customers following the Bioimis method can vary from 4 to 10 kg a month.

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