Mario Venza

- 12 Kg in 2 months *
Thanks to the nutritional diet I helped to improve my life.

Hello, my name is Mario Venza and I am 57 years old. Thanks to the Bioimis Nutritional Program I lost 12 kg in two months. I want to give out my testimony and with great satisfaction the results achieved through Bioimis. I learnt about the Program thanks to my sister-in-law. Together we embarked this journey. I was very very skeptical at first...I honestly did not believe in it. Then I changed my mind...

The extra weight gave me health problems: high blood pressure, sleep apnea and snoring. Thanks to the Bioimis Nutritional Program my life and especially my health has changed, or even better, it has improved greatly! I am happy to be healthier but most of all my wife and kids are.

I am so very happy because the weight loss during the Ideal Fit Plan has really changed my life. I was under the care of doctors for my sleep apnea issue and the results of my tests were shocking. My saturation stage was quite severe and doctors had suggested me to use for the rest of my life the nocturnal pulmonary ventilation otherwise I would have risked my life.

Meanwhile I decided to follow the Bioimis diet and I started to lose weight. After some time I redid the check ups and the respective tests for the sleep apnea...the results were incredible. Doctors did not believe my values could have ever returned to normal.

They would say that even if I lost weight, my problem would have be there since it was so severe. However, when they saw my weight drop and the saturation results, they congratulated me because thanks to the diet I helped improved the quality of my life and above all the apneas are gone.

I am happy, i feel like a new person and I feel energetic. All thanks to Bioimis and the complete Staff always available and close to people need. I highly suggest it to everyone.

Mario Venza

*The success stories presented refer to the persons represented. Length of time and amount of weight loss may vary from person to person based on one's initial weight, individual metabolism, lifestyle, and proper nutrition. The average weight loss of our customers following the Bioimis method can vary from 4 to 10 kg a month.

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