Bioimis Scientific Base

Developed after years of research by highly specialized personnel, the Bioimis Nutritional Training Program is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary systems teaching people how to eat properly so as to achieve both the control of body weight and health improvement.

Bioimis’s fundamental concept is based on the usage of food as a tool to "guide" and reprogram an individual’s metabolism steering it towards a reduction of adipose tissue without significantly affecting the protein stores.

This is achieved through the induction or suppression of hormonal production involved in the complex process of metabolic energy management (and its deposits) using stimuli that follow the ingestion of certain foods rather than others, without any reference to their quantities.

Therefore, Bioimis is not a diet based on calorie counting or on weighing food and most importantly, it does not require the consumption of drugs or substitute meals in any way.

On the basis of countless discoveries made in recent decades in the field of biochemistry and human physiology, it was possible to realise a method that allows to identify, for each individual, the foods most involved in the formation of adipose tissue, those that promote lipolysis and those that allow to maintain the weight, instead.

In presenting the following, we wish to emphasize that the Bioimis Nutritional Program is not to be confused in any way with low-calorie diets, low-salt or low sugar diets.

The Bioimis Research Center, thanks to studies conducted and the resulting knowledge of biochemistry, as well as the research presented here, has managed to make a difference.

The years dedicated to studies and research, the ongoing relationships and collaborations with university researchers and doctors working in public health facilities, and the propensity to continuous updating and improvement represent the full dedication of the Bioimis Staff toward research.

The Bioimis staff works daily to achieve further discoveries on how the usage of foods and their combinations can play an important role in the prevention and aid of the treatment of various diseases.

Let's conclude with the quote:

Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food." (Hippocrates)

Enjoy your reading.

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