Weight loss in chronic kidney diseases at an advanced stage

Weight loss in chronic kidney diseases

Weight loss in chronic kidney diseases at an advanced stage: should we consider the individual, qualitative, ad libitum diet? A review and a case-control study

Made in collaboration with the Nephrology Hospital Department in Orbassano (Turin) and the University of Turin.

In advanced stages of chronic kidney disease, obesity is an obstacle to the possibility of receiving a kidney transplant. For this reason, losing weight is recommended before being admissible on the transplant list.

Published in the Nutrients magazine, the study shows the case of a man who, after several attempts to lose weight, found the solution thanks to the Bioimis program.

The patient had first started with a classic low-calorie diet, by means of which he lost weight only for a brief period, and shortly after that he regained it all.
He was against bariatric surgery also because of the lack of a local reference group with specific experience on pre-dialysis and dialysis patients.
For this reason, given the positive results obtained by other people, he wanted to be part of the RENIRE group.

Thanks to the Bioimis Coaching he lost 16 kg in the first two months and another 4 kg in 5 months of maintenance, lowering his BMI from 37 to 31.7.

By joining the Bioimis Program, he was thus able to enter the list for transplantation due to his optimised physical condition.
His weight and blood values ​​have improved to such an extent that this great result could be achieved.

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