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Lose weight quickly, without sacrifice, it is no longer a dream! The Bioimis program allows you to lose weight quickly while respecting the body's needs. The suffering of fad diets and forced fasting will be just a distant memory. With Bioimis, the results are immediate and the weight loss is visible from the first weeks.

How does Bioimis work?

Following the Bioimis program allows you to achieve results comparable to a fast and effective weight loss diet. The difference? The body is not forced to suffer hunger and the typical disadvantages of diets.

Bioimis acts initially by implementing changes to the diet rather than what the body is accustomed. This condition presents itself as a new challenge for the metabolism that, forced to face a new biochemistry situation, works differently to cause a rapid drop in weight.

The program provides for the elimination of added sugar and salt. The two substances, in fact, act as accelerators for the absorption of sugars in the intestine triggering the production of insulin. This hormone is largely responsible for the transformation of sugars into fat which results in weight gain.

Voracious attacks of hunger and night cravings in search of food are not expected: the feeling of satiety is determined by the "calm insulin" which, if maintained as recommended by experts, guarantees the decrease in appetite between meals. With Bioimis it is therefore possible to sit at the table with a healthy languor, very different from the typical uncontrollable hunger of fasting periods.

What happens after the first few weeks?

Typically when you follow any diet, the slimming process tends to slow over time. The reasons why this happens are due to the adaptation of metabolism to new nutritional rules and the response of the body's defense mechanisms, interpreting the drop in weight as a symptom of stress, hindering the process. In this phase the Bioimis Method intervenes to prevent the block of metabolism.

How do you fool the Metabolism?

The easiest way is to change the type of nutrition, making radical changes or varying the amount of the portions (for example, if you are used to eating little, you should eat a little more, and vice versa). The principle to follow is the variability: changing the eating habits so you can boost your metabolism and get a perfect shape quickly.

Few but effective strategies to lose weight quickly, without sacrifices: with Bioimis you can!

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