What happens during cooking?

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Discover strengths and weaknesses of cooking techniques.

So tell me how to cook it...

Boiled, steamed, braised, baked, poached, fried ... We are sometimes spoiled for choice between the different cooking techniques of our favorite foods! Yet few of us really know what happens when we prepare the dishes that end up on our table.

The properties

Cooking food makes sense to exist primarily for four main reasons. The first is the digestibility: the foods are certainly more digestible when cooked.

The second one is the palatability: the dishes are, in most cases, better once cooked. The third concerns the hygienic cooking method which eliminates most parasites and microorganisms that could be responsible for food poisoning. Finally there is the edibility: this process makes some foods edible, however uncooked, could not be eaten.

What occurs during cooking?

The heat works of real transformations in the food: for example, the coagulating proteins will be more easily assimilated; starch, for us not able to be assimilated raw, is partly transformed and becomes more digestible; dietary fiber becomes softer and less irritating to the intestine; the fats are melted and are more sensitive to the actions of bile and digestive enzymes.

In addition to its many advantages, however, cooking may have some small negative effects. It can in fact lead to the disappearance or destruction of substances sensitive to heat such as some vitamins.

This is why the golden rule of nutrition is always one: the variety!

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