Top ten: diet, ginger and ... imagination! (2)

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Would you like to know all the secrets and discover other delicious ginger recipes? Continue reading this article!

The benefits of ginger

Why is ginger so good? First, because it has strong antibiotic properties, useful in case of stomach pain, intestinal and circulatory disorders, and heart problems. Furthermore, it is a powerful digestive and is considered a highly effective method in treating nausea and vertigo. Its essential oil is used as an anti-nausea, tonic, analgesic, digestive, antiviral, and aphrodisiac.

Recipes with ginger

Other tips to enrich dishes? Here are five new recipes:

  • Condiment for salads : dried ginger powder or fresh ginger, chopped, if left to marinate in lemon juice, creates a tasty dressing that perfectly matches the flavor of summer salads.
  • Ginger tea : good to warm you up on the coldest days, is good and useful in preventing colds and seasonal illnesses. Ginger can also be added to herbal teas of different flavors, it is sufficient to grate a bit directly into the cup.
  • More flavor to soups and chowders : as for herbal teas, ginger can also flavor soups of vegetables, legumes, or the homemade chowders.
  • Homemade curry : the curry is a mix of spices easily prepared with ginger, turmeric, cumin and cloves.
  • Chicken ginger and lime: marinate the chicken in oil, lime juice, grated lime zest and ginger root cut into strips: cook the meat in frying pan over high heat then enjoy!

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