Top ten: diet, ginger and ... imagination!

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Ginger is known for its spicy flavor and many beneficial properties. It is a spice that cannot really be missing in the diet of those who want to lose weight and recover the ideal weight. Between today and tomorrow, we will publish the 10 most delicious recipes to eat ginger every day!

Ginger, what a goodness!

For some time, ginger was a spice of Eastern tradition but its benefits have made their way even in the West. Ayurvedic practices give to ginger almost miraculous properties, while here it is used to flavor dishes and alleviate disorders related to gastrointestinal system and nervous system. In the market, you can buy fresh ginger (a gnarled root with white flesh), dried and essential oil. But, regardless of its form, it is a very valuable food which, when used with imagination, can bring so much wellness and taste on the table!

The best recipes with ginger

From condiments to beverages, here's how to use ginger:

  • Ginger biscuits : good at breakfast and snack, liked by all. To flavor your preparations, just add a pinch of ginger powder or a dusting of grated fresh ginger.
  • Sauteed vegetables : to give an edge to a traditional dish, just add a sprinkling of ginger on your crisp vegetables lightly sauteed with a little oil.
  • To season lentils and other legumes to be used both fresh and dried, during or after cooking, will make any dish memorable!
  • Oil flavored with ginger:a little extra virgin olive oil with added ginger is suitable for seasoning raw vegetables or cooked dishes, vegetables and tasty sauces.
  • Drink: herbal teas with ginger are perfect in the winter, while in summer ginger drinks can be served cold and accompany a healthy aperitif! Ginger can also be added to fresh smoothies and centrifuged for a unique taste.

At the table never forget ... the ginger!

As we have seen, ginger is a concentrate of many beneficial properties: add a bit in all your recipes, you will feel the benefit immediately! And for a healthy balanced diet, ask for advice from experts Bioimis: they will provide you with many tasty recipes to lose weight and keep ... the taste!

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