The Bioimis method

Lose weight and learn how food affects your body

Bioimis is the personalized weight loss program that will make you lose weight and keep your ideal weight.*

The program is composed of 2 stages and they are one essential for the other.


Lose weight fast by eating to fullness *

This stage is dedicated to slimming and re-balancing your body. You will get the chance to lose most of your excess weight in a healthy and safe manner, in just a few months.

New and simple habits

Immediately you will adopt small tricks that will allow you to obtain great results.

Drink enough water, abide by time slots for meals, avoid some condiments and you will achieve your results.

Only natural food

Discover the pleasure of eating tasty, nutritious meals free of chemicals or preservatives.

You will no longer have to eat meal energy bars, diet teas or food substitutes, nor will you need to take pills or supplements.

Simple but tasty menus

During this stage every other day you will be recommended a menu consisting of easy and simple meals.

No calorie counting

The Bioimis program is not based on the obsolete concept of counting calories, which is an outdated theory leading to poor results. Our concept focuses on the study of the effects that each food has on each individual.

We analyze your results

We will continually analyze the information that you provide. This will allow you to have daily menus, tips from your coach, and advice customized in accordance with your needs.


Learn how to maintain your ideal shape forever *

During this stage you will discover the true secret of the Bioimis Method.
You will learn how your body reacts to each single food and how to better monitor your weight.

Richer and more diverse menus

Compared to the first stage of the program, you can now create even more savory menus. Additionally, you can insert those foods you had restricted or eliminated during the slimming stage.

Specific Food Item Tests

Everyone has a personal reaction to food. Thanks to the data collected in the first stage of the program, you will be able to test and evaluate how the food you really enjoy affects your body.

Eat without feeling guilty

Once you have reached your goal, reward yourself. This way overeating will no longer be an issue.

At this stage we will give you all the tools you need to get you back to your ideal weight quickly. Therefore if you ate something you were not supposed to, don't feel guilty, Bioimis will help you get back in shape.

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*The success stories presented refer to the persons represented. Length of time and amount of weight loss may vary from person to person based on one's initial weight, individual metabolism, lifestyle, and proper nutrition. The average weight loss of our customers following the Bioimis method can vary from 4 to 10 kg a month.

Included in your subscription


Motivation is the key to success. Your coach will help you and motivate you during the most difficult times to keep you going.


Contact your Coach any time you wish to receive help or answers to your questions. Call or ask to be contacted at the time you consider preferable.


You can contact your Coach via the online platform or your mobile phone. They will do the same to guarantee you support and motivation.